Let's start in Greenfield

The Mug is a non-traditional drive-in restaurant located in Greenfield, Indiana. It's about a half hour’s drive from downtown Indianapolis - and just miles from the local farms supplying the pasture-raised, drug-free, and delicious meats we offer to our customers. The Mug serves fast-casual burgers, hot dogs, specialty sandwiches like The Cuban and pork tenderloin, fresh cut fries, root beer, ice cream and more - all with ingredients sourced in Central Indiana.

The Mug, originally called The Frosty Mug, served residents of Greenfield for over 50 years before it closed its doors in 2013. In the summer of 2014, Chris Baggott saw this as an opportunity and purchased The Frosty Mug with the intention to create a new concept in which both new and old customers would come to love - a more modern, farm-to-curb concept. The idea? Fresh, locally-sourced, delicious burgers, hot dogs, sandwiches and more, all served up in a family-friendly drive-in.

In December 2014, just two months after opening, The Mug won Indianapolis Monthly Magazine's "Best of Indy" Food & Drink for its Farm-To-Car Dining.

Farm-to-curb in a nutshell

When we say that The Mug is farm-to-curb, we truly mean it. Customers can pull up their vehicles at The Mug and one of our Mug Hops will happily come out to greet you to take your order - just like the old days! There's no need to get out of your car (unless you'd like to, of course), we bring the food right to your car door! 

Also, our definition of farm-to-curb means there's a very short drive from the farm where we source our meat to The Mug. We source local, top-quality, drug-free beef, pork and chicken from Tyner Pond Farm, just a few miles down the road from us. That's why you can taste the difference when you eat at The Mug. Our meat is super fresh and doesn’t take any long drives or trips across the country (or around the world!) to get to us. It's a pretty simple concept, really - and that’s why we have the very best tasting burgers, hot dogs, and sandwiches around.